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Social Frame Free HD (Slideshow)

Digital photo frame + Social media (Facebook, Twitter, RSS)

★★★ "Best Android Apps for tablets" - androidpolice ★★★

Maximize your tablet usage! You can now use your tablet when you are not using your tablet.

Do you own a digital photo frame at home? You then understand how troublesome it is to update your new photos and wondered only if you could sync Facebook/Twitter photos more easily. Now you can do so with Social Frame! It automatically syncs all your photos.

This is a great gift for your parents. From Facebook, simply add desired photo albums , and voila! you can now share photos of your lovely baby, surprise birthday events, fun trips, etc. You can do the same by sending photos to their Twitter. Also, great photos from 500px can be added to the slideshow.

You can also display your tablet as a digital photo frame at work place. Show your co-workers your lovely family photos. When you need a break from work, update yourself with what your friends are up to by reading their Facebook/Twitter feeds.

You wake up in the morning, Social Frame tells you the time, weather, and RSS feeds to get you updated with the happenings around the world.

This is a great social app for your tablet!

We are continually improving our apps. If you have suggestions, please let us know. We will take it into a consideration.

This app is optimized for 7" - 10" tablets. However, it can be used on large smartphones (>4") that have ICS or greater.

* This is free version so it will display ads. We also have the paid version. Please support us by buying paid version. Thank you.

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Quickest Alarm & Timer Widget

★★★★★ Full functional Alarm and Timer Widget ★★★★★

You want to have a 30 mins power nap, boil water for 5 minutes, or wake up at 7:30.. wait no! 8:30 just for tomorrow.

Alarm and Timer are something you use everyday yet they require too many clicks from finding the icon, launching the app, clicking on the right alarm and finally pressing +/- to change time.
With Quickest Alarm & Timer widgets, it's now just a matter of a few button clicks! This is the first TRUE alarm and timer widget to be ever made on the market. Quickest Alarm & Timer has made the alarm set up remarkably easy and fast. Widget provides the fastest access to it while it doesn't even require app launch. With a single button press, you can now turn on/off any alarm/timer you added to your screen. It offers alarm widget in two sizes (4 X 1) and (1 X 1) and timer in the size of (3 X 1) in various themes of different style.

★ Widget allows quick access to it and its design provides user-friendly interface
★ Alarm widget enables easy, straightforward and convenient set up
★ Timer widget can run within seconds right when needed
★ Both alarm and timer widget have beautiful themes to select from

How to Use:
1. Long press on Home Screen
2. Press on Widgets
3. Choose a widget of your choice!

Please visit us at for more information on other apps we develop!

tags: cooking, cook, timer, alarm, timing, stopwatch, clock

Quickest Camera

★★★★★ Quickest camera in the market ★★★★★

Have you ever missed the right moment to take a picture?

Being a smartphone user, have you ever thought it takes too long to take a picture?
Launching the camera, auto-focusing on the target, and pressing the button are just way too many steps.

Quickest Camera enables the quickest snapshot ever!
Just place the app icon on your home screen and launch the app.
As soon as the app icon is tabbed, it takes a shot.

Quickest Camera is very simple and straightforward to use and it does its job very intelligently.

You should never miss your moments again.

Because your moments are valuable!

*** This app is designed for the fastest photo taking. Therefore, some rich extra camera options have been removed. ***

Please visit us at for more information on other apps we develop!

Tags: quick, fast, fastest, snap, burst, shot, pics, photo, image, instant, flash, instantaneous, speed, speedy, shoot, timing

Phrases needs to be translated:

Social Frame
Error: Cannot access database.
Share picture via
Please wait while Social Frame is authorizing
Authentication Failed
Please check your username and password.
Please wait while your account is verified.
Your username and password is invalid. Please re-authenticate with valid username and password.
Remove Twitter Account
Remove Facebook Account
Do you really want to remove the Twitter account?
Do you really want to remove the Facebook account?
Unable to add RSS
Unable to add following RSS URL: Internet may not be connected or URL is invalid.
Welcome (_____)
Downloading friends album is against Facebook policy. Friends photos are encrypted so that they are only accessible for viewing inside the app.
Photo Settings
Add/Remove Photos..
Photo Position
Choose photo position
Crop & Stretch
Fit Screen (Center)
Slideshow Animation Type
Pan & Zoom
slow, normal, fast
Transition Animation Type
Fade in/out
Slideshow Duration
1 second
2 seconds
1 minute
2 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
1 day
2 days
Split Screen
Split Photo and Menu
Facebook Settings
Twitter Settings
RSS Settings
Add Facebook Account
Add Twitter Account
Tap here to activate your User Account (Not Authenticated)
Tap here to remove your User Account. Your Facebook user name:
Sync Facebook Photos and Albums
Sync Twitter Photos
Facebook account has not been registered.
Images will be saved to the device and will be displayed
Maximum images to store
Enter RSS URL (ex.'')
Enter new category name
(Add new category)
Add new feed
Do you want to delete?
The following group has no feeds to show
Export successfully
Error: Export failed
File name cannot be empty
There are no exported files to import
Error: Import failed
Clock & Weather Settings
Display Clock & Weather
Show / Hide
Setup Location
Add Weather Location
Manual: Enter location
Choose clock size
Small / Medium / Large
Clock Color
Set hour type: 12/24
Choose hour type
Follow Android Settings
Unit of measure (°C or °F)
(____) will start in (____) second
Start now
Not enough space
Error: Not enough space in the removable storage.
Please delete unused files to gain more space.
Power Settings
Launch App on Power Connection
Auto Launch
Auto Launch Option
Always display dialog on power
Do not display dialog if the device screen is facing down
Do not display dialog if the device screen is facing down or facing up
Screen will never sleep
Screen will never sleep while charging
Skips the lock screen when this app is running. Even if the lock screen has a password, this will skip it
Skip Lock Screen
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Buy ad-free paid version
E-mail us and leave your suggestions or ask questions
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Picture Information
Error: Could not share image
Cannot share photos from the Facebook friends album.
Cannot share photos from 500px.
Error: Could not rotate image.
Error: Could not rotate image. Image may be too large to handle.
Cannot modify photos from the Facebook friends album.
Cannot modify photos from 500px.
Delete File
It will permanently delete the image from the storage. Do you really want to delete?
Error: Could not delete image
Network Error: Internet connection lost
Error: Invalid URL
Error: Resource not found
JSON Error: Parse error
1 person likes this
2 people like this
Error: Could not save changes
Loading. Please wait…
Syncing. Please wait...This may take a few minutes depending on the amount of photos to sync.
Error: External Storage not available to use
Could not retrieve location to display weather. Enable GPS and try again.
Error: Could not retrieve weather information. Check if entered city name is correct.
Enter location or postal code (ex. 'toronto' or 'toronto,canada' or 'm1r1x2' or '90210')
Enter User Name
Vote on Facebook
Edit name
Export to: (____)
Photos of you
Select the numbers of latest photos to sync
Which feature do you want to see the most?
I use Social Frame for Twitter.
A digital photo frame + social media.
Image type
Show in Google map
Loading images from 500px. Please wait.
Alarm Name
Change Alarm Tone
Default Ringtones
MP3 Folders
Recently Played
Delete entire pictures
Delete current picture
Open Gallery App
Rotate display orientation
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