Good bye: Missed Call+, Silent Mode+, Senior Frame, Quick Alarm Widget

Post date: Apr 8, 2019 6:48:42 AM

I am sorry to announce that we're going to stop supporting following apps:

- Missed Call+

- Silent Mode+0

- Senior Frame

- Quick Alarm Widget

- Photoholic

I am a father of four kids and I am working full-time (at Paytm).

I have been trying to make an extra time to support the apps. However, it has not been possible in reality.

Since I cannot support them, it will not be fair to the users who do not find the support.

Some of the apps still have 5000+ active users at the moment of writing this post.

It was tough for me to finally make the decision because I have so many great memories tied with each app.

Here's some of the highlights:

- Missed Call+ PRO was number 47 in PRODUCTIVITY Paid in India, and 85 in Russia.

- Silent Mode+ PRO was number 79 in PRODUCTIVITY Paid in Korea.

- Missed Call+ total downloads: 50k-100k

- Silent Mode+ total downloads: 10k-50k

- Senior Frame total downloads: 10k-50k

Thank you for your love and support.