How to sync photos using Dropbox

Post date: May 15, 2013 10:57:28 PM

Step by Step procedure

Disclaimer : Use at your own risk. We have no official affiliation to DropSync or DropBox.

Step 1: Sign up for a DropBox account if you don't already have one:

Step 2: (Android device) Install 'DropSync' app from 'ttxapps'

Step 3: (Android device) Install 'Social Frame HD' app from 'EllevSoft' (If you didn't already installed)

Step 4: (Android device) Launch 'DropSync' app.

Step 5: Click on "Link with Dropbox" button. You will see either Dropbox or a web browser being launched to grant access permission. (If you already have Dropbox app, you will see the first one below. If not, second one). Login your account and allow access.

case #1

case #2

Step 6: Click 'Next'

Step 7: Click 'New Folder'

Step 8: Create a new folder called: 'DropBox'

Step 9: Click on 'DropBox' folder

Step 10: Click on 'Select' button

Step 11: Click 'New Folder'

Step 12: Create a new folder called: 'SyncToAndroid'

Step 13: Click on 'SyncToAndroid' folder

Step 14: Click on 'Select' button

Step 15: Click on 'Two-way' button

Step 16: You have couple options:

1. Two-way: I don't suggest this option. If you delete a photo from a DropBox folder sometime later, the same photo on Android device will also be deleted. Therefore, you will be limited to store 2GB of photos only (for free version).

2. Download only: If you want to have another copy of the photos on DropBox sure. If not, don't use this option.

3. Download then delete: As soon as the photos are downloaded to the Android device, then the photos will be deleted. This will save Dropbox space and also uploader (if different person) can know if the photos have been copied to the device by seeing the files don't exist anymore on DropBox folder.

Step 17: Click 'Next' button

Step 18: You are finished with the setup on DropSync

Step 19: Click on the menu on top-right, then 'Settings'.

Step 20: Photos will not be downloaded to the Android device as soon as you upload it. There is an AutoSync interval period. By default it is set as 1 hour. 1 hour is a reasonable interval period for regular use. I also suggest 'once a day' if you don't mind at most one day delay. Because you can always do manual sync by clicking on 'menu -> Sync Now'. If the interval is shorter, then the internet usage will go higher; if the interval is longer, then at most delay time will be longer.

Step 21: (From Computer) Login at Then go to 'SyncToAndroid' folder. Either click on 'upload' icon on top or drag-and-drop some photos on top of big red box below.

Step 22: Your photos are shown.

Step 23: (Android device) Launch DropSync app and press 'menu->Sync Now'. The photos you uploaded will be downloaded to the device.

Warning : Make sure you do step 21~23 first before you do step 24~25. Because if you don't have any photos in 'DropBox' folder (in Android device), 'DropBox' folder will not be displayed at step 25.

Step 24: (Android device) Launch 'Social Frame' app. Click on 'Settings' and then 'Add/Remove Photos...'.

Step 25: Select 'DropBox' folder. Make sure this folder is 'checked'(it means entire photos in this folder are selected). If only partial photos are selected within 'DropBox' folder, new photos that you upload to DropBox folder will not be displayed at Social Frame automatically. Click 'Done' button.

You are now finished. Enjoy~