Unread Badge (for Gmail)




Required Android

App store

: Unread Badge (for Gmail) (old name- Gmail Unread Counter)

: Communication

: Free / Paid ($1.99)

: Android 4.0 and up

: Paid Free

★★★ "A must have widget on your home screen, if your emails are very important to you" - androidwidgetcenter ★★★

What is it?

• A widget that shows the number of unread emails

• With one click, it directly opens the Gmail app with a specific account/folder/label

• One icon can have one-click links to different accounts/folders/labels

Who needs it?

• People who often check email

• People who like iOS style of unread badge

• People who have multiple Gmail accounts and don't want to launch Gmail app -> Swipe left for menu -> Select account -> select label (Only one-click is required with Unread Badge. Yes, one-click)

• People who wants to customize the Gmail icon

What does it do?

• You can use multiple Gmail accounts

• You can select different labels/tabs/folders (*paid version only)

• One widget can support multiple accounts and labels

[Important]: Gmail app (NOT Android version) needs to be 4.0.5 or higher. Be sure you first check the app version and/or update to the latest.


[If you don't see the widget]: Sometimes widgets don't show up in the widget list. It is a problem from Android or (most likely) from the custom launcher. After install, please reboot your device and then check your widget list again.

[You want to put the widget at the bottom dock]: Unfortunately, this is not possible. We had to make it a 1x1 widget in order to show badges and simply widgets cannot be placed at the bottom dock. There are some custom launchers (ex. Nova Launcher) or custom ROMs that supports 1x1 widgets at the bottom dock.

*Thank you for the beautiful icons.

Credit: http://www.doublejdesign.co.uk & http://czarnomorski.pl/ (DCikonZ)

Credit Thank you for the translations:

[Korean] Joshua Park

[Swedish] Bosse Björklund

[Hungarian] Zalan Varvasovszki

[Dutch] Luca Messina

[French] Thibault Spreux

[Polish] Krzysztof Stepien

[Portuguese] Rogerio Dias

[Chinese] Kailai Shao

[Russian] Кулагин Владимир Владимирович

[Ukrainian] Кулагин Владимир Владимирович

[Italian] Andrea Tommaseo

[Norwegian] Trond Larsen

[Japanese] Aiko Okamoto