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: Social Frame

: Social

: Free / Paid ($3.99)

: Android 3.0 and up

: Youtube

: Paid Free

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Samsung approved

★★★ "Turns Android tablets into photo frames" - CNET ★★★

★★★ "Best Android Apps for tablets" - Android Police ★★★

★★★ "2013 Best of Best Apps Collection" - Samsung Apps ★★★

★★★ "부모님 스마트폰에 이 앱 깔아주세요" - ZDNet Korea ★★★

★★★ "SNS의 사진을 디지틀액자로 구현하는 어플" - 조선닷컴 Appetizer ★★★

No more digital photo frame with an outdated photos!

What is it?

• A digital photo frame app that automatically updates new photos from Facebook & Twitter

• While photo slideshow is playing, you can read Facebook & Twitter posts and RSS feeds

Who needs it?

• People who love photos (Don't take photos and keep them in your storage. Enjoy them!)

• People who want to see photos of their family members (e.g. Photos of children or grandchildren)

• People who want an awesome photo frame on their wall. Do you want a photo frame on your wall that changes photos and be able to check time and weather?

• People who don't know what to do with an old Android device. Use it as a digital photo frame!

• Workers: Dock your device on your desk. Enjoy photos while you work and show co-workers photos of your family. When you need a break from work, update yourself with what your friends are up to by reading Facebook/Twitter feeds or read RSS feeds

What does it do?

• Show photos in the slideshow with 50+ animations

• Automatically update and show photos from Facebook & Twitter

• Read/write Facebook & Twitter posts

• Read RSS feeds

• Show professional photos from 500px

• Show 5 days of weather forecast

• Plug-and-play: As soon as you plug a power cable to charge, this app will launch and show photos while you charge your device

It has all Digital Photo Frame features:

- Photo Slideshow (Random order)

- Slideshow animations

- Transition animations

- Clock, Weather

- Share, rotate, and delete photos.

Facebook photos will be automatically synced to the device and play in slideshow. (Same for Twitter)

Easy access to Facebook & Twitter

- Read feeds

- Post new feed / Write comments

- Like/Unlike friends' feeds

Subscribe RSS feeds and get updated with latest news.

[New] Stream 500px photos in the slideshow

Many advanced features are customizable!

This app is optimized for 7~10" tablets. However, it can be used on large smartphones (>4") that have ICS or greater.

Screenshots 한글 Korean How to sync photos using Dropbox